January 24, 2024
Jake Malowitz

Natemia Drives 62% Increase in Profit Margin on Top Selling Products

Learn how Natemia teamed up with Brandable to find the sweet spot of optimal ad spend, evergreen pricing, and real-time promotion strategy to chart a course to profitability. 

The Challenge

Natemia needed one, unified platform with the analytical sophistication to completely revamp SKU-level profitability 

Before Brandable, Natemia managed its pricing and promotion strategy through various point solutions and yes, spreadsheets. And in an era where demand was hot and sales came easy, this approach worked just fine. Yet, as the golden age of FBA arbitrage receded, Natemia was caught flat footed. This piecemeal approach sacrificed speed, sophistication, and missed the delicate interplay between customer behavior,  product pricing, PPC dollars, and profit margin. As a result….

  • Natemia was leaving dollars on the table with products priced $1 too low
  • The team spent hours finding optimal TACOS during promotions 
  • Natemia was basically slinging deals blind, with no clear correlation to profitability 

Natemia needed to completely refocus on the unit economics of their top-selling products, with cold hard profit as their north star. 

Enter Brandable. 

The Solution

Brandable brings the P&L to life: analyze the full set of profit-drivers faster, and simulate the impact of pricing and promotion strategies on contribution margin and EBITDA dollars 

Natemia knew what they were looking for in a new SaaS platform: speed and sophistication, backed by a team with serious domain expertise. One call with us was all it took to convince them that Brandable was the only solution fit for purpose. 

Leveraging our prowess as ecommerce operators, Brandable worked with Natemia to map out reasonable near-term and long-term financial goals with SKU-level profitability front and center. 

With clear targets in place, the team put the platform’s forecasting tool to work. Lightning Deals were executed with timed precision, smoothing Natemia’s BSR for key SKUs and increasing topline and organic sales. Coupons were deployed with a clear 20-30% take rate, preserving healthy EBITDA margins. And in a matter of seconds, TACOS guardrails could be identified, optimized, and protected. 

Natemia had reached brand building nirvana. 

The Results 

Brandable helped Natemia lift profit margin by 62%

Since teaming up with Brandable, Natemia has seen the biggest gains in profit margin across key SKUs in the history of the brand. And they’ve done it faster, more efficiently than ever. 

Looking at the numbers, Brandable has helped Natemia achieve: 

62% increase in profit margin on top selling products

20% lift in EBITDA dollars on hero SKU 

40% savings in PPC spend without any impact on top line