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Frequently asked questions

What makes Brandable unique?

Put simply, Brandable fuels profitable growth on Amazon.

We provide sellers with one streamlined view of brand and SKU-level profit drivers for every Amazon geography.

With Brandable you can: 

  • Instantly analyze your full set of Amazon profit drivers in a lightning-fast interface. Navigate across brand, custom category and SKU-level P&Ls with ease.
  • Rapidly simulate the impact of promotions to execute lightning deal and other coupon strategies that boost profit.   
What kind of business questions does Brandable answer for me?

Here are just a few of the everyday insights that Brandable proactively surfaces:  

  • What is the day over day and month over month trend in margin for my best sellers? 
  • Am I on track to hit my top and bottom line goals this month?    
  • Is my marketing efficiency trending up or down week over week? 
  • What is the biggest contribution to change on my brand and product level P & L? 
  • If I run a lightning deal on my hero SKU, how do I need to adjust my advertising guardrails to remain profitable? 
  • Which products in my catalog have fallen below my days of cover threshold and need to be reordered?
Who is Brandable for?

Any Amazon seller can benefit from our platform.

Brandable is also perfect for agencies and aggregators as all of our functionality can support multi-account views.

How long will it take to get set up?

You can create your account, set up your billing information, and connect your brand in five minutes or less.

Within a few hours, all data from Amazon’s SP-API and Ads account will flow into the system.